Team BlueLaVa Hits the Show

On Wednesday, May 7th team BlueLaVa packed up and hit the local Traverse City Board of Realtors trade show entitled Strawberries and Toast. This show is an annual event that typically brings several hundred Traverse City real estate agents and many vendors from in and around the Grand Traverse region. We were fortunate enough to be the only Traverse City virtual tour company to attend the show this year.

With Jim being what many would call a local living photography legend here in Traverse City, the people continuously flocked around our booth to see what new and exciting powerful property marketing tools were now available. For the most part people really loved the concept of our single property websites and our PanoRiders™. The next big hit of the show was our cute business card sized CD’s, Night Shots and our Blue Bird’s-Eye elevated shot. Most of the attendees found that our offerings were priced very affordably and loved the fact that we are fully insured and have our lock box certification allowing Jim to move freely in and out of the homes during his virtual tour shoots.

Shooting Traverse City virtual tours is one thing, but being able to offer a real estate agent an entire marketing program is another. When we meet with a new customer for the first time we sit down and lay out all of our offerings that leave a lasting impression on a home seller and a shopper. We let the real estate agents embed our virtual tours and marketing tools right into their marketing pitch thus giving them the upper hand when it comes to leaving that lasting impression during a listing presentation.

Our unique offerings and beautiful interactive virtual tours are winning over new customers every day. Thanks to Jim Blue photography, the RTV virtual tour system, our powerful marketing tools and a little creativity BlueLaVaMedia is heading into what will be a great and profitable summer.

Until the next local trade show! Good luck out there everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
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