Tapping the FSBO Virtual Tour Market

While I have had good success lately in uncovering new real estate and commercial business, I have been looking for new outlets to gain additional business.

After talking to a number of my real estate friends they directed me to the local cable channel where agents buy time to advertise homes. While watching the channel, I came up with an idea to gain new business that I am in the process of incorporating into my business model.

One of the programs that the channel has is the “For Sale by Owner” channel. It is obvious that people who are trying to sell their homes on their own don’t have websites to house a virtual home tour of their property nor do most of these people know the importance of them .

We are currently building an area into our website to advertise these “For Sale By Owner Homes”. We are going to place the tours under my Sample Gallery pages where I will have a dedicated spot for these For Sale By Owner tours.

It is a win win because I can now sell them on virtual tours as well as hosting fees for placing on my site and they now have access to a website where they can direct potential customers. I have already spoke to several friends that I know selling their own homes who are lining up to have virtual tours done of their homes.

Once I get this up and running my plan is to place an ad on Craigslist where people are all about selling things on their own. Depending on how that goes I will then take out a spot in the local newspapers real estate section. As the economy changes the way people do business, I believe it is only prudent to come up with new ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Charles Gise
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