Restaurant Marketing and Virtual Tours

How many times have you heard about a new restaurant and thought about trying it, but ended up going to one of your old favorites because you weren’t quite sure of the atmosphere?

Real estate professionals have been taking advantage of an incredible marketing tool for years and other industries are starting to catch up. Virtual tours are an excellent way to give potential diners a feel for a restaurant without being there.

We recently produced a virtual tour for Zambrano Wine Cellar in downtown Fort Worth. Look at the difference between viewing the photo above or the virtual tour of the same facility.

If a photo is worth 1000 words, how many is a virtual tour worth? With this technology it is as if you are walking through the door and viewing the restaurant yourself, except you aren’t spending close to $4.00/gallon in gas to do it.

Imagine if you needed to book a facility for a special event or party. Would you rather look at a few still photos or a virtual tour to narrow your decision. You may even be willing to book the facility based on the virtual tour alone. If you are the person in charge of marketing a restaurant to the public, why would you not want to take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool?

Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography can create high quality virtual tours of the public and private dining areas of your restaurant with state of the art, 360 degree technology. The power of the picture does not stop with real estate and restaurants.

Does your place of business, or product, have visual appeal for those who you would like to attract? Then a virtual tour may be just the boost your website needs to take business to the next level.

Lisa Castro
Pro360 Virtual Tours and Photography
Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex Virtual Tours