Real Estate Listing Exposure

We were recently invited to a Tuesday morning Realtor’s meeting to discuss virtual tours. This Brokerage is pretty new to utilizing the internet. We covered some of the following points:

  1. All the realtors needed to have and use a working email account. Although it is understood that a phone call is only second to meeting a prospective buyer/seller in person, the email is the most commonly preferred and used form of communication of most internet users.
  2. The brokerage and possibly the individual agents should have a functional and easy to use website. The website should be able incorporate a virtual tour link for each property.
  3. ALL PRINT MEDIA that is utilized should state “See the Virtual Tour at”. At a minimum the website address should be listed. With the amount of properties listed these days, photos, virtual tours, and the internet are the best ways to generate interest not only for the property but the agnet and brokerage as a whole. For example, if the Real Estate Book is used, a virtual tour icon can be placed on the add, and the web site, email address, and phone number should be listed.
  4. We recommended photos from a good camera and/or the use of a professional photographer and virtual tour provider. Listings that have a poorly shot photo or no photo at all on sites like or the local real estate board, are generally passed right by. Listings with multiple photos and a virtual tour get the highest hit stats (number of viewings). Utilizing Postlets, Craigslist, and other internet sites only enhance the property and agent’s exposure.
  5. We lastly recommended using PanoRiders and single property websites to grab the drive-bys traffic and direct them online. Utilizing the street address on the PanoRider and single property websites make it easier remember. Even if the PanoRider isn’t used, the agent’s sign should have some form of contact information.

Gary Bolda
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours
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