Product and Customer Knowledge is Key

We spend a large amount of time trying to come up with advertising campaigns, producing websites and marketing materials to use to increase our 360 virtual tour sales. Everyone is aware that these are very important resources and necessities. How you apply them to your business is the tricky part.

I have marched into a few meetings when I first began our Myrtle Beach virtual tour company, and stumbled when asked questions that I wasn’t ready for, or couldn’t find the right slide on a presentation with the facts to back up my statements. The next thing you know your confidence is lowered and your sales presentation seems to take on a life of its own, changing directions from the way that you had thought it would go. You sit there flipping through your notes like a mad person, perspiring and wondering how this all went wrong.

On the other hand a good salesman becomes a master at their craft. They study their products inside and out. I now spend a good amount of time experimenting with new products lines to understand both the capabilities and limitations of each product or service. I study the customer’s website to anticipate their potential needs. I also look at my potential customer’s competition for new trends or ideas that my potential customers may not be aware of.

A sample of this has recently come up with a customer wanting to use virtual tours as an interactive seating chart. Because I have set up a few site maps with hotspots I was ready and found the sample right away. I practice everything from cold call scripts to presentations until they become second nature and the words and motions flow naturally. You wouldn’t go out to a shoot with a full memory card or a low battery. The same goes for your meetings. Make sure that you are packing the heat. Fully charged and prepared is the answer to a successful meeting. Our company mainly deals with businesses and potential rewards and losses are great. The last thing that I want to do is put my self into that situation again. Don’t stumble, strut.

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