Photo Editing Fix for Too Dark Windows

Do you have problems with too dark windows in your virtual tours? It’s a fairly easy fix.

It is almost impossible to get a steady exposure all the way around in a room with lots of windows. I have found that using any version of Photoshop can fix this.

First thing to do is select the shots that are dark. You should also select photos in front and in back of the dark ones too. Say for instance shot 4 is exposed right, 5 is a little dark, 6 and 7 are too dark, shot 8 is slightly dark, and 9 is exposed right. Select shots 4 throught 9 and go into Photoshop. Even Photoshop Elements will work.

Pull up your shots, and go to the enhance bar at the top of Photoshop. Then go to adjust lighting, and select brightness and contrast. When you select brightness, it will automatically push the number to 50. Set it back to 0 and adjust the lighting accordingly.

I have found that for slightly dark, I use 20 in brightness, and for really dark I push it to 30-35. This does the trick. You can also adjust contrast too but be careful not to overdo it. You can also use this to make your sky shots a little bluer outdoors. Just use the contrast and slide accordingly. It really helps.

This is a link to a hotel I just shot. The lobby windows were way too dark, and I fixed it with Photoshop. Same with the breakfast bar windows.

Bob Busser
Dublin Virtual Tour Company
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