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Today I was reading a blog by Cheryl Waller and it inspired me to email all my real estate agents a copy of it. I have heard a lot of complaints about the down market, but some agents are doing business in spite of the difficulties.

Could it be that those agents found their own can opener? When they realized the market has changed they changed their marketing strategy to respond and they get results.

Agents that are struggling right now may need to re-evaluate their marketing, re-word their ads, or re-allocate their marketing funds. The correct combination of message and media is what will get customers to your business.

If your marketing is failing, then repeating the same ad is not going to change the results. You have to change the approach and evaluate new ideas. This should be a continuous process.

Every new ad requires that you test, and measure its results repeatedly. If needed then you need to, change and adjust, while continuing the test, measure process. Unless you want to throw your money away!

So next time you do a virtual tour remember it is a marketing tool so why you do not follow the following steps recommended by Renard Johnson in his blog:

• Immediately sending the listing to all clients and Realtors they know via email
• Taking advantage of any free online ad companies like Craiglist
• Communicating with any organization they may be members of

When we talk about difficult times, the worst mistake businesses make is cutting back on marketing. Just when they need all the exposure they can get, they cut back.

What about your listings? Are they getting all the exposure they need? The RTV virtual tour company blog recently reported that 72% of people in today’s web savvy world are finding their homes online. The main goal of Virtual Florida Tours is to provide virtual tours in Miami and Broward and help real estate agents get the most online exposure possible for their listings.

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