Kudos to Team RTV

Dear RTV,

Everyone on your team has been absolutely great! I created and have been running this business for going on thirteen years, and I must say that I do not recall any company being so organized and responsive in assuring success of us guys “in the trenches.”

While trying to keep our two stores going until our soldiers come home, I am simultaneously trying to get this virtual tour company up and running quickly. We have our new “division,” SyberVision, and the web site is already up at www.sybervision.net. Your free website template that comes within the marketing department allowed me to get this up and running quickly. I am finishing up on the email server, price and sign up sheets, and everything else. Good thing I didn’t have a life before, I might miss it! Again, thanks for the support!


Jerry Barker
Clarksville Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 931-431-3153