Friday Madness at RTV

Things can get a little crazy here at Real Tour Vision on Fridays. This morning things got out of hand right away. I snapped this picture of Jacque flagrantly disobeying a note left by our lead programmer.

She claims it was the cookies she was after, and not the forbidden computer, but I think she is all about breaking the rules. She won’t park (or color) between the lines either. But we love her anyway.

Later on today we are having a company potluck to celebrate Eve’s birthday. For those of you that don’t know, Eve is in charge of our nickels and dimes and making sure the lights stay on. Her birthday was actually in April but we are two weeks behind.

No doubt our long suffering virtual tour providers (whom we love and adore) aren’t surprised at all. They know how we roll here at RTV.

I don’t think our programmers get to come to the potluck. We have them chained to their desks working on a new flash viewer for our virtual tours. It will support flash in remote host tours also. It is in final testing so it should be released soon. Don’t tell anyone I said that though. Shhh.

So, Happy Friday from Team RTV! I hope all of you have a fantastic day.

Posted by Torie 🙂
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