A Clean House is a Happy House

Here at Hintz-Rice we know that first impressions are key to leaving that lasting impression. Before our open houses, virtual tours and showing we give our home sellers a nice checklist to run through so everything will be in order. Here are some of our tips to making that lasting impression before your virtual tours and showings:


* Windows – Wash until they sparkle!
* Walks, steps and driveways – Sweep or hose down to remove debris and dirt
* Siding – Hose down and use a cleaner for vinyl/aluminum if necessary
* Gutters & Downspouts – Remove debris and hose down
* Decks, Patios & Backyards – Use a deck cleaner or power wash if necessary, stain, wipe down patio furniture and grills.


* Floors – scrub, wash and wax floors.
* Carpet – have carpets cleaned and deodorized
* Walls – wash walls, remove fingerprints & cobwebs
* Woodwork – clean with Murphy’s oil soap to remove film and restore luster
* Draperies & Curtains – dry clean or launder if possible
* Lighting Fixtures – wash and clean fixtures, replace light bulbs
* Windows, mirrors, glass cabinets – wash and clean to a sparkle
* Doorknobs, handles and pulls – clean and polish or replace if necessary


* Clean inside and out with mild detergent or Murphy’s Oil Soap to restore luster
* Clean, degrease and deodorize vents and exhaust hoods
* Clean appliances thoroughly inside and out
* Polish and clean sinks, remove stains
* Clean and deodorize garbage disposal and garbage bins


* Clean and polish fixtures until they sparkle
* Re-caulk tub and sink if necessary
* Clean and organize vanity drawers & medicine cabinets
* Scour sinks, showers and tub to remove mildew or mold
* Clean grout
* Wash mirrors


* Sweep or vacuum floors and ceilings
* Wipe down furnace, water heater, washer and dryer

Pet Areas

* Vacuum and deodorize area


* Scrub & deodorize all hard surfaces
* Spray an odor neutralizer on carpeting, drapes & upholstery

If these tasks seem too great, or time is of the essence consider hiring a professional cleaning company. The result will definitely be worth the small amount of investment.

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