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In a perfect world, everything goes smoothly and there are no problems. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world.

It is nice to know that on those few occasions when things don’t go right in the virtual tour world, Real Tour Vision has a plan and things can get fixed. I had an experience recently that illustrates this reality and it might be worth sharing to serve as a reminder in the unlikely event that you get into the same fix.

Unfortunately, I live in an area without fiber optics so dial up is the only affordable method of connecting to the internet that I have. Most of the time it is a nuisance and occasionally it is so darn frustrating that I have to shut things down to save my sanity. Working on my website can be a real problem—but my website is not what I am addressing today.

I photographed a 360 virtual tour the other day that went smoothly with no problems during its creation. Then I tried to upload it. After 20 minutes or so, I got a message that it didn’t take. I looked everything over with a fine-toothed comb. I checked for misspellings and abbreviations and found nothing. I re-uploaded. About 20 minutes later I received the same error message. I actually tried four times before closing things down and going to sleep on it.

Sleep is wonderful for repair. I woke up remembering something that happened to me much earlier in my dealings with RTV and thanks to the new TMS and some notes I kept, I tried anew. It worked splendidly. I remembered that a couple of years ago the tour ID for my then latest virtual tour had become corrupted. Assuming that this may have happened again, I took the steps that the support team had given me long ago. This saved my sanity and panicked calls to the RTV team. I sure love it when a plan comes together! Thanks RTV for being so helpful in making things easily fixable.

Chris Kuhn
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