3D Renderings that Impress

A church in California just finalized the planning for the new addition to their current facility. After many meetings, and many hours of planning the floor plans were completed. The carpet, tile, paint, lighting and appliances had all been picked out but they had a problem. They needed a way to show the congregation what the final construction was going to look like.

They really wanted to get everyone excited about new addition to their facility. After searching the internet for creators of 3D Renderings they contacted Real Tour Vision’s new 3D department. After hearing about their project and budget we decided that 3d renderings would be the best fit their needs. They signed the proposal, supplied us with floor plans, elevations, and the names of the paint and carpets they were going to use. Within a short amount of time RTV completed the high quality 3D renderings.

When they received the final product they were ecstatic. They were impressed with how real the renderings looked and were very excited to be able to present them to their congregation.

“Now everyone will be able to see what the inside will look like and catch the vision for this project”, they said.

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