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How many times have you heard about a new restaurant and thought about trying it, but ended up going to one of your old favorites because you weren’t quite sure of the atmosphere?

Real estate professionals have been taking advantage of an incredible marketing tool for years and other industries are starting to catch up. Virtual tours are an excellent way to give potential diners a feel for a restaurant without being there.

We recently produced a virtual tour for Zambrano Wine Cellar in downtown Fort Worth. Look at the difference between viewing the photo above or the virtual tour of the same facility.

If a photo is worth 1000 words, how many is a virtual tour worth? With this technology it is as if you are walking through the door and viewing the restaurant yourself, except you aren’t spending close to $4.00/gallon in gas to do it.

Imagine if you needed to book a facility for a special event or party. Would you rather look at a few still photos or a virtual tour to narrow your decision. You may even be willing to book the facility based on the virtual tour alone. If you are the person in charge of marketing a restaurant to the public, why would you not want to take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool?

Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography can create high quality virtual tours of the public and private dining areas of your restaurant with state of the art, 360 degree technology. The power of the picture does not stop with real estate and restaurants.

Does your place of business, or product, have visual appeal for those who you would like to attract? Then a virtual tour may be just the boost your website needs to take business to the next level.

Lisa Castro
Pro360 Virtual Tours and Photography
Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex Virtual Tours

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We spend a large amount of time trying to come up with advertising campaigns, producing websites and marketing materials to use to increase our 360 virtual tour sales. Everyone is aware that these are very important resources and necessities. How you apply them to your business is the tricky part.

I have marched into a few meetings when I first began our Myrtle Beach virtual tour company, and stumbled when asked questions that I wasn’t ready for, or couldn’t find the right slide on a presentation with the facts to back up my statements. The next thing you know your confidence is lowered and your sales presentation seems to take on a life of its own, changing directions from the way that you had thought it would go. You sit there flipping through your notes like a mad person, perspiring and wondering how this all went wrong.

On the other hand a good salesman becomes a master at their craft. They study their products inside and out. I now spend a good amount of time experimenting with new products lines to understand both the capabilities and limitations of each product or service. I study the customer’s website to anticipate their potential needs. I also look at my potential customer’s competition for new trends or ideas that my potential customers may not be aware of.

A sample of this has recently come up with a customer wanting to use virtual tours as an interactive seating chart. Because I have set up a few site maps with hotspots I was ready and found the sample right away. I practice everything from cold call scripts to presentations until they become second nature and the words and motions flow naturally. You wouldn’t go out to a shoot with a full memory card or a low battery. The same goes for your meetings. Make sure that you are packing the heat. Fully charged and prepared is the answer to a successful meeting. Our company mainly deals with businesses and potential rewards and losses are great. The last thing that I want to do is put my self into that situation again. Don’t stumble, strut.

John Agness
Digital Imaging of Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Virtual Tour Provider
Order a virtual tour – 843-267-9542

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Our 12 week Blogging/SEO/Social Networking workshop is now available for you to start any time!

But, first:

During the initial workshop I noticed that, while providers were highly successful with the program, the one major issue that caused ‘writer’s block’ time and time again seemed to be the concept of ‘what’ a blog ‘is’.

So before you sign up and start the workshop, I am redefining the word ‘blog’.
For the next 12 weeks, and quite possibly for much longer after that, blogging will be defined for you as:

1. a story relating to virtual tours, real estate, or your business in general


2. Directions on ‘how to do’ something

That is it! It is as simple as that. As long as each and every blog that you submit is one of those two things you will be highly successful and profit from this workshop!

So, before you begin this workshop by clicking on the link below, your first assignment will be to send 250 words (based on option one or option two above) and send it as a blog through the RTV marketing control panel.

Then click on this link to get started with the 12 week workshop!

Sign Up For The 12 Week Workshop

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Digital Tours and More welcomes Sarah Lipscomb as our Marketing Representative. Sarah is a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston as well as the Awty International School.

Sarah now markets and photographs Interactive 360 degree Virtual Tours to businesses that are wanting to meet a broad audience on the Internet.

Sarah also photographs children, families, locations, and events throughout Texas. Sarah’s knowledge of photography is unsurpassed. Contact Sarah today to start marketing your business using a virtual tour in Houston.

Mike Stolte
Digital Tours and More
Houston Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – (832) 247-0634

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Good evening all you Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers out there!!

I just want to share my experience up to this point with RTV. I decided to become a full service provider about 3 weeks ago after doing much (intense) research on different virtual tour software and virtual tour companies.

I feel that I made the absolute right decision. I received my equipment and software in a very timely fashion. I quickly completed my virtual tour training course over the phone. During my research I found companies that offered no training at all and even some that required that I fly in for on site training. Real Tour Vision has the virtual tour software and the training course down to a science which allowed me to get things up and running in just a few hours.

At this point I am happy to say that I am out selling and building virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very user friendly and everyone I have dealt with has been a great help (Jason, Ben, Sue, and Eve just to name a few). I am excited about this virtual tour business opportunity and believe this is a superior poduct and system Realtour has developed. Until next time….Cheers!.

Kevin Blanchard
Park City Virtual Tours
Order Park City Virtual Tours 541-350-7357

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