Virtually unlimited tools with RTV

I continue to be impressed with the wide range of tools available to the Real Tour Vision providers and the flexible options that they present. RTV providers are not just in and out virtual tour photographers. We also offer online marketing solutions to real estate agents and businesses.

I feel confident that with a little bit of ingenuity and the RTV tools that I can come up with a solution to just about any challenge presented by my clients. The confidence resulting from having the tools shows through when making presentations with the excellent marketing tools provided by the RTV marketing team.

One challenge that I faced recently was from an assisted living facility. The marketing director of Country Cottage, based in Huntsville, AL wanted to make the most of the virtual tour and use it for three of their locations that had a similar floor plan. It was important to have the contact information from all three locations. The director also wanted to provide a map to each location. Maps and contact information are a standard item with the Real Tour Vision virtual tour window, but not for three locations. The solution revolved around using still images and hot spots. To avoid confusion the contact information was removed from the normal location at the top of the tour window. An image was created with the three addresses and added as a scene in the tour. Ok, that wasn’t so bad, but what about the three map links? Well, I remembered from the excellent training provided with the RTV package that hot spots could link to external web pages as well as other scenes in the tour. Check out the rest of the details on my virtual tour company blog.

Although RTV providers are a web marketing resource for their clients, I for one don’t usually answer yes when asked “Do you do websites?” I do have a couple of programmers that I refer business to, but frequently I talk to very small businesses who just want a brochure site. The next time I’m asked about a simple site I am going to suggest a virtual tour AS the site. Single property real estate sites are common, so why not use the same technique on business tours? The generous Spinfo text area would give a business plenty of space to present text to visitors. Don’t forget about audio either.

With all these options, it’s easy to be confident when selling virtual tours.

Thanks RTV!

Brett Weaver
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