Virtual Tours Outside the Real Estate Box

Restaurant virtual tour prospects are becoming very competitive right now. My Philadelphia virtual tour company has a plan that works like a charm.

Offer a restaurant a free virtual tour shoot. Do one or two 360 panoramas and about 5 stills. Put it together on a practice virtual tour and go back to show them by logging into your account on your own laptop if possible. Make sure you deal directly with the owner. Show them the nearest competitors’ websites that have 360 virtual tours. Tell the owner the other places that have accepted your promotion, and demonstrate your virtual tour.

Go UPSCALE ONLY! Play up to their egos. These people seem like they are all buddies, and they often may be in some association together, but the fact is they are very competitive and will do anything to be better than their counterparts.

Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Banquet Halls and Art Galleries are all great opportunities too. All of the above are constantly remodeling, you know what that means, new virtual tours every year or two! Show them some of the RTV sample tours and get an idea of what they want. Stills of prepared meals, tables full of happy patrons. Let them feel as though they are helping to form a work of art, because they are. Then when all is complete compliment them on their input. “This was the layout you designed here, it looks fabulous!”.

Take your time (take a few weeks to bring back their tour, and make it good.). Dress to impress, do quality work, and be professional and you can charge big!

Michael R Scanlon
Philadelphia Virtual Tour Company
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