Virtual Tour Company in Alcona County

As a retired person living in Alcona County in the northeast section of Michigan’s beautiful Lower Peninsula, I find great need to express gratitude for finding a company to associate myself with like Real Tour Vision, their team, and their quest for excellence.

It began when I formed a company that I called Key Solutions in the hope of being able to do a little print graphic work to supplement my inadequate retirement income. With the poor economy, and simple graphic programs available to everyone, I found very little need for my skills. To add insult to injury, I retired before learning the fine-tuned, “ins and outs” of Internet graphics and code writing. This gave me a big learning curve to overcome.

After a great deal of researching, I found Real Tour Vision and became a full service provider. To round out the picture I became re-licensed as a real estate sales associate and here I am, involved with the “best of the best” 360 virtual tour providers.

However, when one talks about needing improvement in some areas, boy oh boy, am I a candidate! The beauty of it all is that Real Tour Vision is a forward thinking company who provides the tools and training to help. Like most Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers, I am constantly looking for different areas that could benefit from a 360 virtual tour.

One thing I’ve experimented with is non real estate virtual tours. It has been interesting! Among other things, I discovered that photographing people is not my strength and photographing a 360 virtual tour in a large area needs really good lighting. Here is my first virtual tour of this kind:

It is still a work in progress but it was certainly interesting to work on this type of virtual tour.

Christine Kuhn
Key Solutions
Order a virtual tour – 989-590-0955