Upgrade your virtual tours using floor plans

Metropix has seen a huge surge of new users over recent months, plus an even greater rise in the number of floor plans being upgraded. Agents are finding it more and more important to show their clients what value-added services they can offer that puts them ahead of the competition.

Of course, using floor plans helps deliver ‘differentiation’ over competitors – but there are a number of enhancements we offer that can help you really impress those discerning customers. In fact some of our suggestions won’t cost you anything at all and are a great enhancement to any virtual tour!

Adding color to a floor plan or adding a watermark are both free enhancements that can give your floor plans more oomph. If you really want to crank it up consider converting the floor plan to 3D. This is a great way to show off a property!

A floor plan can also be upgraded with PicturePlus. PicturePlus plans have camera icons on the floor plan that link to photographs. It also has a high-resolution slide-show of all the photos available. A 3D Walkthrough lets buyers wander through the property from room to room. Clients love to see their properties displayed this way. And last but not least, Inside 3DGE presents a 3D model of the floor plan from within Google Earth – letting buyers roam the neighborhood AND the property on-line.

Make sure to let your clients know how your virtual tour company can help them stand out from the competition!

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