Single Property Websites are a Great Marketing Tool

As you have probably already heard, the RTV PanoRider(TM) is a super HOT marketing tool. So much so we have providers contacting us telling us they are winning business “on the spot” with new clients. How are they acquiring these new regular customers? In some cases just showing up at the agent’s office and pulling it out of the bag can do the trick.

In one case, an RTV provider was dropping off the sign for a real estate agent at the front desk reception area. When he pulled out the sign, another agent from a different broker’s office asked him, “Did you make that?” The provider said, “Yes, it is one of the services we provide.” Next was a request for a business card by the agent, followed later with a phone call and an order for a tour and PanoRider with single property website. The single property website provides a unique domain name, using the listing address, to use for the virtual tour. This is very eye catching and is printed directly on the Panorider.

In another case, a provider told us a story of a client calling for help. They had secured a listing, but needed help convincing the owner to put a sign in the yard. She called and asked for statistics on the effectiveness of the sign. The answer: ” (On average) Better than 50% of traffic to the virtual tour is stimulated by the PanoRider.” With that information in hand she was able to get a sign in the yard and ordered a PanoRider along with her tour package.

You can’t beat the combination of a virtual tour, Panorider, and single property website!

To place your order, just use the TMS system and click on the “Add-Ons” tab when editing your tour. Be sure to have your High Resolution Panoramic scene ready at time of order and the URL you would like to use for the sign. That’s it, you’re ready to order. So what are you waiting for? Get in the game and start generating more revenue for your business with RTV PanoRiders!

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