Another RTV Support Success Story

Its been a while since I took time out to thank the RTV staff. When I first started up my Jacksonville Florida Virtual Tour company, I was so grateful for the support both from the RTV training and support teams as well as from other RTV providers – all got me off to a solid start. As my experience grew, my reliance on RTV support staff waned. Then, beginning about 5 weeks ago, I found myself needing to rely on RTV staff again quite a bit – mostly as I began pushing myself and my business further. While I only faced one tour technical issue that required traditional support, I also needed information on changes that had happened on syndication, additional tour distribution information as I worked with one of my best clients to achieve greater visibility for her tours, and lastly I had questions regarding changes to make to my website to achieve greater search engine visibility. To resolve these issues, I found myself working with RTV staff from all areas: Technical Support, Marketing, and Website Design. I am so pleased to say that all responded promptly and gave me the information I needed. It is this level of support that enables me to be successful and to provide my clients with the highest quality virtual tours and level of service in the industry. Thanks RTV!!! Trish Edmonds
Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, LLC
Your Jacksonville and St Augustine Virtual Tour Provider