Prospective provider Questions

Everyday the RTV sales department fields inquiries from entrepreneurs looking to start a new virtual tour business. One thing we like to do is send the prospective provider the contact info for a provider using the system so they can ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for them to hear from someone actually using our virtual tour building system and get real feedback on areas they are curious or concerned about.

One of our providers was kind enough to share with Sales one of the emails he received and responded to recently. The black text is from the prospective provider and the blue is from the current provider. Check it out, it is very interesting to read!

Real Tour Vision
National Virtual Tour Company
Start a virtual tour company – 866-947-8687

Dear provider,

I am in the process of evaluating the purchase of an Real Tour Vision business opportunity and would like to receive some input from a current provider. I decided to do this through an e-mail so as not to disrupt your work day. I hope, at your leisure, you can find the time to answer at least a few of the following questions.

Thank you in advance!

1. How long have you been associated with RTV? And are you doing this part or full-time?- 3 years, Part time on weekends

2. Is the system as user friendly as it is described in the literature? I find it is very much so. My 17 year old son does the processing for me.

3. How are you received when they are already using another vendor? – By far we offer the highest quality. The key is the relationships you establish. I tell clients, I am not just there to take pictures (anyone can do that) I am there to help market them as an Agent and the Property to its fullest.

4. How is the tech support and response time for any problems? – Tech support is fantastic.

5. How many jobs (tours) in an average week/month? – That is hard to answer because I am in a unique area. There are weekends where I have done 6 in one day. I allocate 1 hour per tour to shoot. That gives me the travel time between.

6. What is the total time spent on 1 tour from beginning to end (photos, input, uploading, etc.)? – Most homes take 25 min. ( If I don’t talk). Vacant listings are great because I don’t get distracted. Processing time is about 45 min. We do some extra stuff to the images that makes us a little different.

Remember — Real Estate is only one type of tour that is possible. I am venturing out into other areas with it. Got Wineries? Golf Courses? You name it.

This is the best side business I have ever had.