Preparing For Your Virtual Tour

Many homeowners may not realize home preparation is a very important aspect that should be considered when thinking about selling your home. In fact staging your home for sale, open house and for the shoot for your virtual tour is crucial is getting your home sold faster. Generally this doesn’t cost much more than your time and a little forethought. When done properly it will increase the money you receive from the sale and showcase your 24/7 interactive virtual tour in it’s best light all the time.

Keep it simple, is the golden rule. Remove clutter and personal items. Since you will be taking personal items with you when you move, the sooner they are packed and ready to go the better. This also give your potential buyer the idea that your home is ready for someone to move right in and make it their own.

Each room should be clean, spacious and full of light:

  • Be sure all areas are free of clutter, including shelves, closets, tables, and counters. Less is usually better.
  • Be sure to arrange the furniture in a manner that give a free walk way from room to room and remove any unnecessary furniture.
  • Don’t forget to make sure all light bulbs are replaced, to give the just right ambiance to each room. Remember photographers need light to shoot.
  • Bring the outside inside, by opening your drapes and curtains to show your view from each room.


  • Make sure your yard and patio is in the best condition it can be.
    • Mow the lawn
    • Trim shrubbery
    • Be sure outdoor furniture is in good shape
    • Put trash cans out of sight
    • Put toys and bikes away
  • During winter, make sure the sidewalks are clean of snow, ice and tripping hazards.
  • Home entrance should make a statement and help give the home curb appeal. Since this is the first impression potential buyers will have of their future home, it is critical that you present a lasting impression.


  • Remove everything from counters. People who view your buyer tour wants to see the counters, not your electrical appliances.
  • Be sure there are NO dishes in the sink. All dishes should be clean and put away.
  • Empty trash cans.


  • Put away everything. Personal items that you use daily can be put in a small box that can be stored away easily.
  • Close toilet lid and empty trash.
  • Be sure mirrors and glass surfaces are clean.

Overall it just takes a few minutes to stage your home for sale and your virtual tour. Put your time to work for you and make your home clutter free. Sandra M. Gibson
Power Play Multi-Media Productions
South Central Michigan RTV Virtual Tour Provider