Photography Resources

Virtual tours are a lot more than just taking spins of a room, often times you also are shooting still images of the area and home as well. I’ve been looking around for some resources that would help photographers to hone their skills and give tips to broaden their shooting horizons. Polishing your still photography skills will make you more marketable and will help assure you’ll take the perfect shot every time.

Below is a short list of sites you can check out. – This one is my favorite because it is a guy (Pete) who uses his GPS camera phone to shoot interesting and unique pictures. Using his cell phone to shoot forces him to be creative in shooting to overcome his limitations. He also writes about photography and has links to other photography sites. I am not suggesting you take stills for virtual tours with your camera phone, although sometimes on the mls I see stills that were obviously taken with one. Pete is a great resource on photography and it is a great lesson in creativity with what you can do even with limited resources. and is a great site I found on Pete’s GPS site. Not only do they have articles and tips for shooting photography but they have a whole forum with assignments, contests, how to’s and even a marketplace. You can find a whole network of people to help you hone and polish right on that one site.

And finally, If you’re just starting out with a new camera you may want to check out to learn the different components of your digital camera and how it works. If you have an understanding of working with a manual film SLR but not a Digital SLR this site may be of use to you.

I hope you have found these site useful, and if nothing else, at least go visit Pete and see what a great blog he has.

Jacque Burke
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