Home Staging for Virtual Tours

Recently, an article was posted on RISmedia about preparing your home for the virtual tour. The article compares preparing your home for a virtual tour with preparing your home for an open house. While there are many similarities in arranging your house for both of these marketing strategies, turning to a virtual tour professional when home staging for a virtual tour is a smart move. (pun intended)
As the article points out, your house will look different through the lens of a camera than it does during an open house. The important thing to remember when preparing for a virtual tour is that while an open house is one day and may draw 5-20 people, a virtual tour lasts the entirety of your on-the-market marketing time and hundreds of eyes will be comparing your house to hundreds if not thousands of other similar style houses. Take the extra time to prepare your house. Call your virtual tour professional and request that they send you a ‘getting ready’ checklist or ask if they have a 24 hour message that you can call to make sure that you have considered all of their recommendations in home staging for your virtual tour. While this might be your first or fourth time preparing your house for sale, your virtual tour professional has unique experience in virtual tour presentation. So leverage that knowledge and contact them in advance. Even if you are selling for sale by owner, our network of virtual tour providers can guide you in the right direction when marketing your house on the Internet. If the time comes that you decide to list with an agent, what better resource than a virtual tour professional that works with local real estate agents every day!
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