Getting Started in Virtual Tours

Four Seasons Virtual Tours opened in Northwest Indiana in early 2006. As a virtual assistant (Four Seasons Virtual Assistance) specializing in working for real estate agents, I realized there was a huge market in our area for quality, affordable virtual tours.

We had both been real estate agents for a couple of years, and between that and the virtual assistance business, we know many agents. It didn’t seem that it would be too hard to get started, since we believed that we would be able to work with some of our former colleagues. My best friend hired us for virtual tours immediately. But the other agents from our old office were more difficult.

Two of them went with a company called Obeo, and tried to talk us into becoming Obeo reps. We took a look at their virtual tours, but we weren’t impressed. They were cheaper – and they look it.

We chose Real Tour Vision for a reason. They provide professional, clear, crisp, knock-your-socks-off, 360 home tours at an affordable price.

Some agents chose to go with the pay-ahead providers – who then make you photograph and splice your own slide shows! In the long run these cost more and the agent is the one doing all the work! We are winning over these agents with our quality and time-saving factor (we are now doing virtual tours for three of these folks).

Debbie Higgins – A Real Tour Vision Virtual Tour Provider
Four Seasons Virtual Tours
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