Flash Diffusion Product for Virtual Tours

I’ve been using a product called Light Sphere for a while now that I think has really good flash diffusion for my virtual home tours and stills and my other commercial photography work.

It is mostly designed for portrait type work with studio quality results, but I’m finding it’s diffusion is perfect for the interior shots and my virtual tours really look great. It really spreads the light out very evenly and softly across the scene, and has really helped almost eliminate “hot areas” and softens the hard shadows areas.

It comes in a couple of styles, a “clear”, which is a kind of a harder cooler color light and a “cloud” which is a more diffused, warmer color light. It is soft plastic, very easy to attach to my flash, it comes in fixed sizes ($40) for various flashes and a new “universal” to fit a large variety of photographic flashes and cost right at $50.

There are accessories for different lighting effects and even a silver device cap that directs the light. The inventor says will increase the light out-put of your flash by about a full stop.

This is a product invented by Gary Fong, a California photographer, you can go to his website and see his other inventions. A lot of his products are designed for flash diffusion, which is perfect for most photographic work. It comes with a DVD which explains how to best use the Light Sphere with several examples of its use.

Mike O’Neill
Knoxville Virtual Tours
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