Digital Tours and More Provides Virtual Tours in Houston

I want to tell the story about how my virtual tour company in Houston got started. I got into real estate in 2003. One morning as I was walking past my trainer’s office, I was asked if I knew how to make a flyer. Well of course I said yes. I created a nifty little flyer for her and it did not take long the word got out that I knew how to be creative in Word.

Other agents from my office started to ask me to create flyers for their listings. I charged those agents $25.00 to create a flyer. Later I purchased my first laptop computer. It came with this neat program on it called Media Show from Cyberlinks. I played around with it and started to call it Digital Tours. I thought that was a pretty cool name and introduced it to agents in my office. Most of the agents loved the new concept. So I named my business Digital Tours and More.

Fast forward to 2006…I went full time marketing my product Digital Tours. I placed them on cd and on the internet as a virtual tour. I did ok the first year.

One day I was contacted by a real estate agent and she told me that she was interested in my product. When I called her back to find out if she liked it, she told me that her 8 year old could do that in PowerPoint. Right then I decided to start looking for an Interactive 360° Virtual Tour System.

I found the Real Tour Vision website and loved their product. I called up and spoke to a salesman and he explained everything to me. In December of 2006, I partnered with RTV to provide 360 virtual tours to the Houston area.

My business, in one year, tripled in sales and volume. Blogging is an essential part to my web placement in the Houston area. It is simple and helps tremendously. If you haven’t blogged, then you need to start. Also, all the extras, ie..PanoRiders, Floor Plans, Hit Stats and much more that you can add turns one item sales into multiple items.

I offer more options than a national competitor in my market place and I am very competitive in price and customer service. I just launched a campaign in Houston and I am getting great results. When agents purchase a vrtual tour from Digital Tours and More, they get it in 24 hours or it is FREE! I am on track to double what I did last year and the all the thanks goes to RTV!

Mike Stolte
Digital Tours and More
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