3D Walkthroughs – Another Income Source

Real estate virtual tours are the largest section of the virtual tour market and a renewable income source as new homes are built and people move. But what do you do for the home builder that lists a spec home? Do you wait until the home is complete and hope that you get a chance to shoot a virtual tour of it before it sells? What if it sells before construction is complete?

The MLS is full of spec home listings with nothing more than the floor plan and/or maybe a sketch of what the exterior of the home will look like. For most buyers a floor plan is not enough information to help them really visualize the size and layout of the home. Since the home hasn’t been built yet you obviously can’t shoot a tour of it so what do you do? Are these lost opportunities? Absolutely not! RTV’s 3D Walkthroughs are your answer.

A 3D Walkthrough is a high quality computer generated video that allows a viewer to tour a home that hasn’t been built yet. The 3D Walkthrough allows you to see both the exterior and interior of a home in stunning 3D imagery giving you a realistic feel for size and layout. You will feel like you are really there. What a great concept! Now you can provide virtual tours for homes not yet constructed, but how hard is it to create these 3D Walkthroughs?

A 3D Walkthrough is easier to create than you think. It all begins with you creating a 2D floor plan. The online floor plan software makes it easy to create a 2D floor plan. Click and drag a box on the graph paper and you have created your first room. Drag a base unit and sink from the options to the left and now you have turned your room into a kitchen. Drag over a tub and shower from the options and now you have a bathroom. Drag in doors and windows and your floor plan is complete. Once you have built your floor plan you submit it to be processed. After your 2D floor plan has been processed you simply click to upgrade it to the 3D Walkthrough. The best part is that the system automatically adds in furniture, wall color, pictures, decorating accessories, and it generates the 3D Walkthrough movie. All that you had to do was create the basic 2D floor plan and click to upgrade.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

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