Virtual Tours are Increasing for Top Hat Video

The virtual tour business in Grass Valley is picking up for Top Hat Video Productions, even though the real estate market is at a stand still. Real estate agents are looking for new ways to market their listings, so that’s where we come in!

Because of the market stand still, we decided to charge one price, no matter how many 360 spins or stills we shoot (up to 30 scenes). We have gotten a huge response! Our clients like less confusion, and with one set price, they’re happy. At first we weren’t so sure if this “one price” idea was going to come back and bite us financially. However, most of our clients give us the creative freedom to decided how many scenes a virtual tour needs to be effective. So this change has really benefited us tremendously.

Top Hat Video has also found that the more you talk about virtual tour exposure, the more our potential clients become interested in our services. We actually printed out a list and stuck it in our brochure for realtors to see how many sites we actually submit their virtual tours to. (We currently have over 85 sites we submit listings to – and the list continues to grow!) This is a major benefit to our business and really sets us apart from the other companies in the Nevada County area. We use the RTV submission process to , , and (and the other list of sites they send them to automatically).

A new feature that we have started is to have a website dedicated to our clients. If an agent uses our services, we automatically place them on our site, along with their virtual tours and listing information. We also set it up so a user can subscribe and receive the tour automatically as a video podcast through iTunes (runs on both Windows and Mac). We just started this, so we don’t have every listing on it quite yet, but have had a great response. Check it out at:

We couldn’t do all this, however, without the high quality product and flexibility that RTV gives it’s providers. They continue to keep us up to date with the latest technology and marketing strategies. I look forward to what is in store for the year 2008. Keep up the good work RTV, and thank you!

Randy Jackson
Top Hat Video Productions
Grass Valley Virtual Tour Company
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