Virtual Tour Needs are Increasing

Having been underground and commercial for these past two years I think, as I get a call here and there from real estate agents, that things are maybe turning around, slowly getting better in our world of virtual media. The clients I am connected to in residential real estate are even more optimistic than they normally are. We all know Brokers are eternal optimists, even by their own admission, and I see it as a very welcome change. It’s encouraging, moves me in a different direction, and makes we want to re-think my strategy.

The beauty of doing what we do is the flexibility tied in from the outset. After what seemed like a gazillion calls to real estate agents, Brokers and the like I made a decision to go down the commercial route. I made some nice contacts, I spoke to many people who saw a use for virtual tours and I made some money; very important with wife, three kids and all that is necessary in my situation, mortgage, utilities, etc… Commercial ventures are different, need a keen eye, have to go beyond a certain level at times, are very rewarding from an artistic standpoint and have been very necessary over these past two years.

Just lately though, I feel that agents I talk to, present to, call on the telephone, etc, are more receptive as we stumble into 2008. Again, Brokers are the eternal optimists, but an agent with no money in reserve, listings coming out of the ying yang and endless hours waiting for the phone to ring seems to me to be just a little more open to spending money on one of my virtual tours. See, to me, you can’t be in this industry and not use virtual tours. Is that because I am a provider of real virtual media, (not all virtual tours are virtual tours, but that is for a different post), or is it just fact based on statistics available to all at NAR?

It’s been hard to market to agents in my area for a good while now and I see a difference in attitude. I was on today looking for an MLS number that had gone A.W.O.L and a very nice banner presented itself at the top of the page. It was for a local Broker/ Assoc in my area and I called him directly. I explained that I was on and that I was calling to be of assistance, I’m local, quick to respond, shoot real 360 virtual tours not slide shows and blah di blah blah. The gentleman was nice, took my offer of samples, was in agreement to my follow up in two days and it went swimmingly well. It’s not always been the case. I am not a fan of cold calling and depending on who you listen to you may never do a cold call. There are some schools of thought that cringe at cold calling but it works for me sometimes. This cold call, recent presentations where I have taken orders at the end, chats at Chamber events all make me think that there is a change in the air…

Agree? Disagree?

Chris Grumley
Manatee County Virtual Tour Company
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