Strangest Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a useful tool for selling real estate, booking hotel rooms and checking out your local Doggie Daycare. While these type of tours are commonplace, Real Tour Vision providers everywhere have had some strange and unique virtual tour requests.

About a year ago I had a virtual tour provider in Florida have someone in his area fill out a Contact for Order on our website. Her business was listed as a popular discount hair salon so when I called the virtual tour provider I speculated that maybe she wanted a spin of the salon. He pondered this with me, wondered how many spins he could possibly do for a $10 hair cutting place, but made the call anyway to see what she wanted. Turns out we were way off! Apparently this woman didn’t want a tour of the salon she worked at, but wanted a virtual tour of herself…, interesting situations. I received a very amusing call from the provider after his conversation with her. Sure, it didn’t turn out into a sell, but it sure gave him a good laugh and that can be worth a lot.

Of course not every unusual request is of that comical nature. Here are a few unique virtual tours I’ve seen come through our server. View these tours and start thinking outside the box about how virtual tours can be used in more ways than you’ve imagined.

For instance, have you ever seen a virtual tour of a cemetery? This one was shot by Steve Domark and makes for a very interesting addition to his tour gallery.

What about Motor homes? You may wonder how one can shoot in such a confined space but our provider in Texas did a phenomenal job!

Speaking of motor home, Britt Mcallister did this tour of a mobile cigar bar. Now this place is definitely unique!

And our Rock Star of interesting and amazing tours, in my opinion, Tinus Le Roux. He has done tours for entire cities like Cape Town , Sports stadiums like Gauteng Stadium and a whole slew of national parks like Augrabies Falls National Park . His tours are amazing and beautiful!

What are some of your interesting and unique tours? What has been your most unusual request?

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
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