Single Property Websites and the PanoRider Work!

Recently one of our Full Service providers contacted Real Tour Vision to let us know that our single property websites and PanoRider(tm) really work!

The Realtor who purchased the PanoRider for their property told our provider that they recently had a buyer contact them to see a home they had on the market. After showing them the home and writing an offer, the agent asked the buyer how they came to this particular home without an agent.

As it turns out, they had driven by the house and saw the PanoRider. They went home and punched in the single property website address into the computer. The individual property website took them directly to the virtual tour of that listing. Since the agent’s contact details were on the top of the branded interactive virtual tour and single property website used with the PanoRider, the prospective buyer had a DIRECT line back to the agent for the full commission.

So, not only do the statistics prove that the PanoRider works but now we are receiving RAVE testimonials from agents in the field as well!

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