The Real Estate Virtual Tour Freeze

Winter in Northern Michigan sure is a pretty time of year and there was plenty of that fluffy white snow this year to go around. Lots of snow is great for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and enjoying all those great winter sports. It is also a wonderful time to setup and establish ourselves for creating the best Traverse City Real Estate Tours around.

This time of the year is pretty slow in general and most Traverse City Realtors are waiting to do the big marketing push when the “Big Thaw” hits us around April. It is our goal to make the winters for this new Northern Michigan virtual tour company better and better as time goes on. For example some homes photograph brilliantly at night for our BlueLaVa Night Shots and we also have our BlueLaVa Green-Ups that are very affordable so agents can market year round.

While setting up shop, not only have I been very busy absorbing everything there is to know about making 360 home tours and virtual tours of businesses, I have also been spending much of my time becoming reacquainted with old real estate friends from my days in the camera store selling film products. I know all of these contacts will pay off as they are quite receptive when talking with them over the phone. They are also very complimenting when I send them the great marketing pieces that we get from the RPM marketing system. All in all thought I still hear the all too often “we will be doing a lot of tours in the spring Jim….a lot of virtual tours in the Spring!”

While spreading BlueLaVaMedia seeds all over Traverse City and Cadillac my wife suggested I contact a friend in the restaurant business who had expressed an interest to her, in a virtual tour. The next day we were on the phone with each other planning a 360 virtual tour of two La Senorita restaurants in Traverse City! The ball was rolling and we were on our way. They were interested at first with just having an online presence of the banquet room for prospective clients. We soon decided to include the lounge area at both locations and input some still shots of the dinning areas too.

The tour has been up a little over two weeks and the banquet room has received 67 hits according to the RTV hit stats with 197 hits of all the scenes. That is pretty impressive in my book. Perhaps winter is a great time to pursue those business and commercial virtual tours. They seem to be most interested in showcasing the inside of their establishments… the winter winds howl outside.

Be sure to take a look at this Traverse City Virtual Tour

Jim Blue
Virtual Tour Coordinator / Sales Manager
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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