The Power of Blogging

Last month I wrote an entry for the RTV Blog on the subject of Home and Business Inventory virtual tours using our virtual tour software. It was put out there to get a response from other providers in order to see if any of them were currently producing 360 virtual tours for this market sector. There were a few responses on the forum but the biggest surprise came from two people that weren’t providers (one is now). Both had found the blog through RSS Feeds keying in on home inventory services which they have been involved with for some time. We have traded info on how their format works compared to ours and are trying to come up with a system that will be efficient and worth the effort money wise.

I’ve also been in contact with RTV about this lucrative market and will continue to post info as we learn more. If there are any RTV providers that are currently serving this sector, your input is greatly appreciated. Step forward with any criteria or materials that may help us all.

Just another reason to post on this blog. Not only will it give your business better rankings in the search engines, but it can also lead you to entirely different markets that we have yet to tap into. One little suggestion from one person may give an ‘ah-ha’ to another that could break this wide open!


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