360 Perfect Images in Vero Beach Florida

I received a call from someone who was remodeling a house on the island in Vero Beach. My company Perfect Images was referred to him by a real estate agent. This person purchased a single story home and decided to embrace the adventure of remodeling. The house turned out to be more like a three story luxurious residence with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean, and even though it is not completed the owner decided to do a virtual tour to start advertising. This is the unfinished home:


Of course he will call us back when it is completed to do another 360 virtual tour. The beauty of virtual tours is how they can show a property. Certainly it all depends on the person who is behind the camera, the equipment used and working with a company like Real tour Vision and their technology. This home, although not completed, shows very well and lets the viewer see what could be the finished home.

As an agent myself, I’ve had several properties that are not that special but show beautiful on the real estate virtual tours and has helped me bring people into the house and guarantee a great lead even if they decide not to buy that particular home.

So to all real estate agents out there, virtual tours do sell properties! You get leads and eventually buyers and sellers. I’ve had calls form all over the world, of people interested in one of my listings. Great Photos are the foundation of successful real estate marketing. Virtual tours are a 24/7 open house, requiring no on site effort from you.

I’ve had Realtors tell me after they see the virtual tour I make for them that it doesn’t seem to be the same property. The technology that Real tour Vision uses is outstanding. I am very happy to be a Real Tour Vision provider.

For all real estate agents, renters, and FSBO clients located in Indian River, Saint Lucie and
Brevard Counties, Florida.

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We guarantee the best work ever, thanks to the best virtual tour software provider out there, Real Tour Vision.

Claudia Jaramillo
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