Ozarks Virtual Tours Going BIG

What an exciting, or at the very least interesting, time to be in the real estate business! My husband Roger and I have been in (and out) of this somewhat volatile business, since 1983, and I’m telling ya, there’s not a better business to be in if you can “weather” the ups and downs, not get discouraged and look for days to turn lemons into lemonade.

For a little background on myself, I have my own brokerage, The Real Estate Store, and am a member of the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors and Springfield Multilist Service for the sole purpose of networking with other agents. I offer my services as a virtual assistant to real estate agents and help them with their websites, brochure creation, photography AND producing TOP-OF-THE-LINE virtual tours.

I own and operate my virtual tour business under the name 360 Ozarks Virtual Tours. In addition to serving some of the finest and most productive agents in my area, I have been chosen by southwest Missouri’s leading local magazine, 417 Magazine, to help bring their online presence into the 21st century. We do interactive 360tours of restaurants, retail businesses and any other venues that might benefit from quality 360 tours.

In this current climate of slower sales, depreciating home values and longer times on the market, the challenge the agents we serve face is keeping the listing long enough for right buyer to come along. Here’s where we can turn lemons into lemonade. With 87% of home buyers beginning their search on the internet, there is NO greater cost-effective means of marketing a home than an RTV virtual tour.

Think about it, no matter what market you’re in, for approximately $100, the agent can offer their seller a beautiful top-of-the-line tour, making their property a “virtual” open house, 24 hours a day, for AS LONG AS THE HOME IS ON THE MARKET!!! You can’t do that with any other form of advertising — believe me, I’ve been that agent since the mid 80’s — I know that of which I speak!

Anyway, we’ve got a product that agents need right now so SELL IT! And here’s a little secret, from one virtual tour provider to another; shhhh, I don’t want any of my local competition to know this. You just need one REALLY GOOD agent. Do what ever it takes — wine them, dine them — offer to babysit their kids every weekend (just kidding!) .

But seriously, if you will offer your virtual tour services to one exceptionally good agent (big hitter) in your area, and take extra care with them by servicing their listings in a timely manner, doing extra panoramas, create a nice banner and go ahead and do some extra still shots future business will come on it’s own. As other agents look at “big hitter’s” listings and see your tours, guess what? They all wanna to be like “big hitter.” They’re going to want YOUR tour.

Trust me, it’s happening for me, it’ll happen for you. Like I said, I LOVE my virtual tour business. I REALLY do. I work in the most beautiful area in the country (gotta feeling we can all say this) for the best agents in the country. You can too — just do it. Do it now. There’s no better time to be in the business.

Sharon Wasson
360 Ozarks
360 Ozarks Virtual Tour Company