Inland Seas Virtual Tours is on the Cutting Edge

The era of reserving virtual tours only for high-end luxury homes has ended. Since luxury homes account for only a small percentage of the single family market, real estate agents who only use virtual tours for such properties are missing a huge part of the market. People today are busy and are looking for faster solutions to find their dream home. Home shopping on the internet for a few minutes a day after putting the kids to bed is fast becoming the reality for many buyers. With 71% of Americans accessing the internet on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how virtual tours of nearly any residential property are the marketing wave of the future.

Nestled at the tip of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN, Inland Seas Virtual Tours is committed to providing the tools necessary for real estate agents in the Twin Ports area to showcase their properties in an ever-changing market. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to be on the cutting edge of advances in the virtual tour industry so that the agents don’t have to!

One of the most exciting tools available through our partnership with Real Tour Vision is HitStats 2.0(TM), a proprietary internet traffic reporting technology.

One of our customers is using the statistics report as a marketing and communication tool with her clients. The report shows her clients how she is working on their behalf to sell their home in a stagnant market. She has been able to use this valuable information to modify her marketing plan accordingly.

2008 promises to be the best year yet for Inland Seas Virtual Tours!

Travis Bumgardner
Inland Seas Virtual Tours
Duluth Virtual Tour Provider
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