Getting the most from your virtual tours shoots

Staging your Virtual Tours

Determine focus and viewpoints before taking photos. After taking your photographs stitch them and view them while on site. This way you can study each room for its appeal and photogenic quality.

Begin each spin focused on the most interesting element in the space and end with that element. Think about what the viewer will see first to determine your starting point for the virtual tour. You don’t want to begin filming a doorway, for example, because most doorways are boring.

Move excess furniture out of the room you are shooting. You want the space clean, open, clutter-free and to appear much larger than it is.

Consider the level of the camera. If you raised the camera a foot or so, would it eliminate glare from windows or avoid showing the unpainted fence outside? Remember that you may need to change heights as you move from room to room to obtain the best results.

Choose the best spot in the room to set up the camera. While you might capture a wider range of view from a location closer to a hall or door, think about the entire circle of view and how interested viewers will be staring at a close-up of a nearby wall.

Using those Added Features for Virtual Tours

The Descriptive Text: Every picture tells a story, doesn’t it? All Real Tour Vision virtual tours provide ample space for marketing comments. Use adjectives sparingly, concentrate instead on usage of sharp nouns and action verbs.

Supplying Audio: Real Tour Vision virtual tours give you the option of adding music or your voice to the virtual tour. When recording audio make sure to be enthusiastic, speak clearly, and remember to smile, like you were talking to a friend, because a smile resonates in the voice.

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