FSBO marketing should include single property website and Panorider

With the prices of homes leveling off and in many cases dropping, I have talked with a number of people that are trying to sell their homes on their own to save on paying a realtor commission. Even though there are companies and web sites out there that will assist sellers, they still face a major problem. How do I market my home? Where do I go for professional photos? Where do I get a virtual tour? Do I just get a yard sign from the local hardware store and stick it in the ground?

Many sellers are facing these questions, and I feel we have a great opportunity to ease their fears and market their homes in the best available way. My solution to this problem is to have an in depth conversation with the homeowner. Ask them how they plan on marketing the home and develop a strategy with them. It can help put them at ease in what can be a highly stressful time in their lives.

I have recently changed my FSBO package pricing and edited it to include more options, specifically, the deluxe PanoRider which includes the single property website. These are critical tools for anyone attempting to sell their home own their own and after thinking about it, I decided that the sellers should not be given the choice to add these items on. If the seller wants maximum exposure and the most effective way to market their home, they should be standard. Afterall, regardless of the cost for their ultimate FSBO package, it is pretty much a guarantee that it will be less than a 6% realtor commission.

As many posts before have focused on, we are not just the virtual tour provider. Whether our client is a real estate agent, homeowner, or business owner, we are also their consultant, their sales and marketing partner, and their friend.

Sean M. Turnan
North Metro Atlanta Virtual Tours
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