Educating Real Estate Agents – The Starting Point

We’ve loved going through different homes and determining how it should be shot. My wife and I are also actors and directors so we look at things from a theatrical point of view. It helps tremendously.

The frustrating part has been the local real estate community. I think some of them will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina have been booming areas for real estate over the last 20 years and now that things are slowing down drastically they’re scrambling to figure out which end of a keyboard is up.

But it’s been the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in years. I look forward to many years of digital photography and 360 home tours. Thank you Real Tour Vision for the spin!

Found It! Virtual Tours is coming up to its first anniversary in less than a week and it has been a interesting, fun and sometimes frustrating ride. While we’ve only been operating on a part time basis up to now we look forward to using the new marketing tools from the RPM marketing system to help expand it to a full time operation.

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