Boat Virtual Tours are a Great Opportunity

The New Year has started off with a bang and opportunities coming from unusual places. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a guy who asked me if I could photograph boats. He saw my website and since he works at a boat providership and it’s the downtime for boat sales, he had time to think about marketing ideas. I said “Sure, I don’t see why not”. I arranged to do a test virtual tour shoot for him so he had something to show the boss at the next meeting.

After getting off the phone with him, I went into panic mode. How do I price this, how many shots should I expect to take, is there room for a tripod?!! I called RTV and asked if they had any thoughts on this. They said, “Oh sure, we’ve done boats before. Let me pass you over to sales.” I got some ideas and solutions based on other RTV provider experiences and I went away with an action plan and did the test shoot. They loved it and contracted for 6 virtual tours to start with.

I just delivered the first 6 virtual tours and they loved them. They’re still getting the tours connected to their website, but the plan is to photograph all their resale boats in 6 locations. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

The moral of the story, you just never know where your next transaction is coming from and don’t say no just because you’ve never done it. I never considered photographing boats in my virtual tour company and now it looks like a good piece of my business this year may involve hanging around boat yards with a camera.

Anybody want to buy a boat?
Sharon Tahir
Howard County Virtual Tour Company
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