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One month ago my Minnesota virtual tour company, Loop Photography, received another client lead from RTV. This one was a little different though, the customer had already used another RTV provider in Florida to help advertise a home for him there. He said he was excited when he talked to RTV again to find out there was indeed another virtual tour company using the Real Tour Vision Technology in the Twin Cities metro area.

Yesterday I completed my fourth 360 virtual tour for him since meeting him last month and every time we talk he mentions another home he will need shot soon.

His newest 360 home tour can be seen here.

If it wasn’t for RTV and a great virtual tour provider in Florida I may never have come in contact with this client, my thanks to you both.

Loop Photography provides the highest quality interactive Virtual Tours in Minnesota as well as providing professional architectural photography services for builders, remodelers, stagers, decorators and for print. For more information please contact Jeff at 612-384-8037.

Jeff Bartol
Loop Photography
Twin Cities Virtual Tour Company
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We’ve loved going through different homes and determining how it should be shot. My wife and I are also actors and directors so we look at things from a theatrical point of view. It helps tremendously.

The frustrating part has been the local real estate community. I think some of them will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina have been booming areas for real estate over the last 20 years and now that things are slowing down drastically they’re scrambling to figure out which end of a keyboard is up.

But it’s been the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in years. I look forward to many years of digital photography and 360 home tours. Thank you Real Tour Vision for the spin!

Found It! Virtual Tours is coming up to its first anniversary in less than a week and it has been a interesting, fun and sometimes frustrating ride. While we’ve only been operating on a part time basis up to now we look forward to using the new marketing tools from the RPM marketing system to help expand it to a full time operation.

Elvin Clark
Found It! Virtual Tours
Western North Carolina Virtual Tours
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Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours Announces New PanoRider™

SHREVEPORT VIRTUAL TOURS Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours is proud to announce the addition of PanoRiders to its line-up of POWERFUL marketing tools. The addition of these unique real estate sign riders to Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours’ current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced marketing tools, which drive traffic to single property websites, in the Shreveport and Bossier City area.

Gary Bolda, Owner of Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours stated: “We are excited to be able to offer this new virtual tour service to our clients. The addition of PanoRiders and single property websites to our already powerful line-up of marketing tools will give our clients the competitive edge they need in this tough market.”

Rebecca Bolda, Owner of Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours stated: “This unique real estate sign rider will enable our client’s listings to stand out in the crowd and add unique curb appeal to entice neighborhood shoppers. It also provides the buyer with a simple and memorable single property website address of the home that they can revisit again and again.”

Since 2005, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours has continually led the way as a Shreveport and Bossier City area virtual tour provider with marketing implementations such as Real Tour Vision proprietary interactive software, interactive virtual tours, PanoRiders, single property websites, on-demand Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting 2.0, 2D – 3D floor plans, 3D Animations walk-throughs, custom websites, proprietary order-dispatch system, tour audio solutions, and tour discs. For more information call 318-572-1779, or visit their website.

Gary and Rebecca Bolda
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours
Bossier City Virtual Tours
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Here at Power Play MMP presentation is the key to your success.

Have you seen the limited, so called virtual tours that show a few still pictures on prospective homes for sale? No interaction. No key features. No personal care to details that let your viewer be in control of what can be seen.

We consider virtual tours to be all that you can imagine. Interaction – getting your prospective customer involved in their experience, keep them looking longer.

Let Power Play Multi-Media Productions, (virtual tour provider for South Central Michigan, specifically Litchfield, MI), and in partnership with Real Vision Tour, (national renowned virtual tour 360 panoramic provider), do the work for you. We shoot, construct, set up your 360 home tours and distribute your tour while you sell your property.

Don’t limit yourself! Contact us today to see what WE can do!

Sandra M. Gibson
Litchfield Virtual Tour Company
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A recent blog entry mentioned the viewing stats for two particular tours – one was put onto and the other wasn’t. Of course, the one on received the most views due to it being the most popular real estate website and having numerous outside links.

Yes, charges a fee to link the tour (unless the agent has enhanced listings) but most agents don’t understand the return on investment it produces. A virtual tour does little to no advertising on the agent’s site alone. Getting it linked out to the various real estate websites is crucial to marketing. ‘No one is going to know about it unless you get it out there’ is what I tell them.

Last year I shot a virtual home tour for an agent and within 3 days of the 360 tour going online to and various other sites, the home sold. The agent credited the virtual tour as the key point in selling the home so quickly. How do we know this? Because the buyer was from out of state and bought the home just from viewing the tour multiple times. And last month a new realtor who didn’t use to market, even though he had a tour, decided to give it a try. The very next home I did a tour on for him sold within 7 days and the buyer cited the virtual tour on as the key element in making a decision.

Those two real estate agents are talking to others and getting the word out that our virtual tours linked to the various real estate sites are key to selling the listings. There is no better form of advertisement than referrals. Give the realtors in your area a little insight on the marketing power and watch your virtual tour business grow!

Rob Lenthe
Remote Global Viewing
South Nevada Virtual Tours
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