Virtual Tours with the Super Spinning House

Ever been on and noticed the little red spinning houses that show up on listings for virtual tours? If you haven’t, it would seem you are in the minority!

I put a virtual tour up for a client (who happens to also be my spouse), for a moderately priced home. Incidentally, one of the other agents in his office also had a listing in the same area. Similar prices ($116,500 and $117,000), similar square footage (about 1500), and similar amenities. According to the control panel, my husband’s listing, with the “SUPER-SPINNING-HOUSE” has been viewed, on average, 3100 times a month. The other listing, with no real estate virtual tour, has been viewed only 548 times a month. Therefore, the listing with “SUPER-SPINNING-HOUSE” gets as many views in ONE MONTH as the other listing gets in nearly 6 months.

My husband’s listing got 4 offers in four months, all very good, but the seller has so much traffic she’s holding out for full price. The poor seller with no spinning house on her listing took the one and only offer she got after six months on the market, and it wasn’t what she had hoped to make on her house.

Honestly, I was stunned and amazed at the results when I saw them. Folks, if people don’t look at your property, they are not going to buy it.

If you use a Real Tour Vision Full Service provider, like Home Tours of Oklahoma, your virtual tour goes not only to, but to more than 80 partner websites. You can also link it to the MLS, your broker’s website, your website, or any other website you choose. So, skip the newspaper ads (cheesy and ineffective) and put your marketing where it matters!

That’s the best tip you will get from this blog or anywhere else for that matter!