Virtual Tour Samples

As a virtual tour provider in Erie, Colorado I am part of the network of providers with Real Tour Vision. Real Tour Vision has provided us with 360 panorama software that is truly amazing! Rather than a one-shot system we take a series of 12 shots every 30 degrees to get the 360 degree panoramic image. Being able to adjust the lighting for EACH shot allows us the providers to produce the highest quality images from the start.

At Insight 360° Tours, I then take each shot into a post editing software to straighten walls, enhance lighting and contrast etc. What happens next in the tour building process is the most amazing part of our virtual tours… the Interactive HotSpots.

Interactive HotSpots are clickable buttons within the virtual tour window. When clicked, the viewer moves through the home from room to room as though they were really inside. It’s a truly interactive experience!

Click here to see a sample Virtual Tour shot in Highlands Ranch, Colorado that includes HotSpots.

Hotspots can be left out for those who would prefer they not be added. This is where the next best feature of our virtual tours would take front seat AutoPlay. With AutoPlay the viewer opens the tour, sits back and watches as the tour automatically moves from scene to scene. The order the virtual tour is played is set during the building process.

At Insight 360° Tours, I allow my clients to select the scene order should they choose to do so.
Click here to see a sample of Virtual Tour shot in Boulder, Colorado without HotSpots.

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