Tehachapi Virtual Tour Company Sets the Standards

Over the last two years our California virtual tour company has introduced many real estate agents to the value of high quality virtual tours. The surprising thing is, as many times as we have told the story and shown the examples, we get the same reaction, “Wow those are the most incredible videos!”. When we explain that the whole tour is made up of photos, they are even more stunned.

In our small community we have enjoyed the benefit of being the leading virtual tour provider and have set the standard for others to attempt to achieve thanks to the quality of Real Tour Vision virtual tours. As other areas have seen over the last year and a half it has been a challenge to properly market the higher end real estate listings.

From our view point there is little question where to start. The virtual tour is step one. Our 360 virtual tours offer several avenues for an agent marketing a listing. Emailing virtual tour links to other agents to view the home, emailing tours to prospective clients, posting the tour on fliers, adding the virtual tour to all advertising, using the tour as a listing website, etc. All of these utilize the one marketing tool – high quality turn key virtual tours that we produce using Real Tour Vision software. What other marketing tool can you get so much bang for the buck? And we didn’t even touch on the good will it creates for the client who loves to brag to their friends and family what their agent has done for them.

Yet with all these options available we are always surprised the number of agents who still have not found this special tool. I guess that is what is so great, the opportunities just continue to pop up.

Oh, and the best compliment of all is- “ Hey David, we just put Bear Valley Rd in escrow and it was thanks to the virtual tour.” I love hearing that!

David Shaw
Realistic 360 Tours
Tehachapi Virtual Tours
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