Team RTV Rocks!

I wasn’t surprised when I received an email from my salesperson at Real Tour Vision that yet another enterprising individual had applied to become a virtual tour provider here in my area.

The surprise is that she used to work for us!

I can’t think of a better testimonial to RTV. I like to think that RTV is alive, always growing, teeming with new ideas and energetic individuals. RTV is not an “out of the box” or “drop you on your head” virtual tour solution. If you are willing to work hard, you can’t fail.

If it’s a camera question, someone is setup has the answer. The technology is stellar, and technical support is always within reach. The provider network is massive, and we are always here to help each other. If it has happened in the field, one of us has probably already faced it and will spend time working through situations.

It’s pretty hard to fail when you’ve got this team behind you, and having former employees attempt to be your competition tells you that you must be doing something right!

Dawn Shaffer
Provider or Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours