St. Augustine Welcomes Listing Solutions Virtual Tours

It is no secret that we are in a tough market. Everyone can pick up a newspaper or tune in to their favorite news channel and get the gruesome details. This is a great opportunity for virtual tour providers. Why? Have you checked into local newspaper advertising lately? I am in a small market and the local newspaper here, charges around $56.00 for a four line advertisement, per week.

Local television and radio advertisements are quite a bit more than that. How can we differentiate ourselves from these competitors, other than price? We can be the good news! We can talk about the statistics. According to a recent profile of home buyers and sellers conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, 80% of current buyers use the internet when searching for a home.

We can talk about how we support their industry and promote them and their properties in a positive manner. Why would anyone in their right mind, pay someone to print negative advertisements and articles about them and their industry? It doesn’t make sense to me either. I am new to the virtual tour industry.

However, I am and have been in the real estate market for several years. Realtors build their business the same way that we as virtual tour providers build ours, Business Partners and Referrals. I don’t have a business partner that speaks in a negative manner about me or my product. Why do they pay their hard earned money to people who do this? It is mostly in part to a lack of knowledge.

Most realtors don’t know how many places that Real Tour Vision sends their virtual tours to. We can effectively educate them on the benefits of using a Real Tour Vision Certified Full Service provider, while at the same time differentiating ourselves from some of their other choices. Statistically, WE ROCK! There are more people using the internet than ever before. We should focus on the positives and play more of a supporting role with our clients.

I “paint the picture” for a prospective realtor. I talk to them about the things that most of their customers are interested in: Confidence in the Realtor that they choose and results. I walk them through the scenario of giving a listing presentation and how impressive it is, to bring the virtual tour up during the initial visit. It shows a commitment on the Realtor’s part. The results part is easy. I live in Florida, where 67% of home buyers here come from outside of the state. That is an impossible market for someone to penetrate using local advertising and a yard sign. (They are looking for what I have. They just don’t know it yet). Finally, I share my experience with starting a new business and why I chose Real Tour Vision to be one of MY business partners.

I explain how I spent month after exhausting month, of researching my new endeavor and how Real Tour Vision has helped me achieve my goals. I tell them that Real Tour Vision has the largest provider network in the industry and I tell them, “No Fisheye lens”! I let them know that I want to be one of their business partners. I explain how I bring value to them and that my success is dependent on their success. With the strength of the nation’s largest provider network in the industry and the distribution partners that they have in place, it’s an easy choice. The only other question is, “would you like a 2D or 3D floor plan with your tour”?  Be the light in your market and leave the doom and gloom to those other guys. We at Listing Solutions, wish you all the very best of luck this year.

Dave Hall
Marketing Director
Listing Solutions, Inc.
St. Augustine Virtual Tour Provider
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