Making a Property Marketing Expert Look Like One

When the first marketing pieces started rolling off the lines from our new RPM marketing department I was ecstatic. Happy as I remember being in years. Full color documents with up-to-date hard hitting stats on the virtual tour industry. There were easy to manipulate power point presentations as well as downloadable virtual tour preparation messages that one could upload to a phone system or stream directly off of their website as I have done here: All of these new pieces would make setting up shop a whole lot easier!

I had my first success in making some marketing materials when I used the RPM “Grand Opening” piece found in the marketing control panel. As a new member of our local MLS board the Traverse City Association of Realtors TAAR I am able to print and distribute one free flyer through the entire system at no charge. I downloaded the virtual tour company grand opening piece and went to work.

My total editing time on this piece was about fifteen to twenty minutes. When I was finished I sat back and smiled. I was truly amazed at my own work…well something like that. Who would ever find out that I really had no talent in graphical design and layout? Nobody…unless my customers read this blog and even then it does it really matter? The fact is, I am good and I make my customers look even better online. When I sent my grand opening flyer through the Traverse City real estate board the feedback I got on my piece was phenomenal. Let me tell you right now that it is one thing to walk into an office and tell people that you are an expert in online property marketing but another thing all together to have your marketing pieces transmit the same message.

I was told by my friend at the local MLS that my marketing piece looked better than most she had seen. Kudos to RPM!! If RPM can take a lackey like me who knows nothing about layouts, layers, fields, graphical design, and flyer creation look like a pro…it has got to be good.

As far as the software that you will need, I highly recommend that one uses an up-to-date editing program like Microsoft office 2007. Office 07 will be quite a hog on your computer but well worth the buy if you are looking to edit the materials that the Real Tour Vision marketing center is kicking out. I am told that you can also use Adobe to edit the marketing materials but I have yet to try that program out. For those of you out there using Office 2003 or less make the investment and upgrade. In starting this virtual tour company in Traverse City I have found that Ebay is a great place to save some money on your software. Finally, for those of you out there who are non inner circle members be sure to log in often as we are continually creating more and more free materials too!

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend.


Jason LaVanture
TC Virtual Tours
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