Jacksonville Virtual Tour Company Stands Out

I was wrapping up a meeting with a client last week when another real estate agent from the office walked in. This other agent proclaimed he was a huge advocate of virtual tours and regularly used ‘the competition’ for all his virtual tours. He said he believed virtual tours are a tool that is as effective at getting listings as agents are to sell a particular property.

I shared the fact that we had just finished up redesigning my client’s banner and tour window to align with her new brand and website design in support of her listing and sales approach/goals for 2008. That got his attention. The ‘competitor’ simply used a generic tour window with his picture and agency logo and had never offered to sit down and customize the tour to align with his other marketing. That opened the door and now I have a follow up meeting with him next week to discuss more on how Ad Vantage Virtual Tours can truly take his real estate virtual tours to another level.

As an independent Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area, we establish our own standards of service and create packages tailored to meet the needs of our local market. RTV provides the software flexibility and functionality that allows us to create truly customized tours aligned with our customers’ brand. With the addition of PanoRiders, floor plans and now the new advanced hit statistics, the bar continues to be raised on the service and products we offer clients. What better combination to truly differentiate ourselves from the competition?

Trish Edmonds
Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, LLC
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