Ithaca Virtual Tours Photography Guarantee

My virtual tour business, Ithaca Virtual Tours, is a full service virtual tour company in Ithaca, NY.

Upstate New York has a reputation for cold, gray, dreary winters – not necessarily the best season for marketing real estate properties and businesses.

My clients, of course, want their properties shown to their best advantage regardless of the season, so I offer them this; if the property hasn’t sold before May 15, I will at no additional charge, re-photograph the exterior views of the property. Furthermore, if the real estate agent has summer photos of the property, I will add up to 4 summer stills to the real estate virtual tour, again, at no additional charge.

The response has been gratifying – agents feel that their risk has been removed, and they are more comfortable using our virtual tour service even in the worst part of winter. Our business has increased and our clients are happy.

And here is the kicker. How many times have I had to actually DO the extra virtual tour photography? Never. A least, not yet. All of the real estate properties have sold BEFORE mid May.

Yes, I have had to re-photograph commercial buildings in better weather, to their delight. When a business owner sees that you cheerfully deliver on your promises, word spreads.

Monroe Payne
Ithaca Virtual Tour Company
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