Indianapolis Virtual Tour Company Takes Off

Before I became a virtual tour provider in the Indianapolis area I was a bit nervous about beginning a new business venture. I did some research and made some phone calls and there was a virtual tour company that immediately stood head and shoulders above everyone else.

I decided to start Powerhouse Tours and I have been working with Real Tour Vision for about 2 months. It took me a month to get myself organized and trained and I have been providing virtual tours for about a month now. I am thrilled with the results. From my first phone call with my salesperson, to the continuing support I have received from the staff, I am convinced that I made the right choice.

One of my first tours was an estate property. I was able to take full advantage of all that Real Tour Vision had to offer and make this a standout tour. Using that 360 virtual tour as my sample I have made valuable contacts and sold many other virtual tours including more to the owner of the estate. I am going back to photograph the surrounding building lots so that they can be put on their website as well.

I am extremely happy with my decision and I feel that I am able to offer my clients a superior virtual tour and really showcase the houses in a way that both the sellers and realtors can appreciate. I have recently sold my fist “10 pack” of virtual tours and am steadily growing my business. I owe a big “Thanks” to the Real Tour Vision staff for giving me the tools and confidence I need to build this business into something great!

Melanie Powers
Indianapolis Virtual Tour Company
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